PANDEMONIUM at Modernism West

June 30 - August 1, 2021

Reception for the artist Thursday, July 8, 6-8pm at Foreign Cinema




oil on canvas
48 x 72 inches

Modernism is pleased to present its first one-person exhibition of paintings by San Francisco-based artist Michael Brennan.

My most vivid memories from childhood have always been circus inspired—screaming with both color and sound; the spotlight against an ink black background. I will always try to recapture the feeling of sitting in the dark watching a death defying feat realizing that I'd been holding my breath the whole time, mesmerized by the sheer spectacle. I was always amazed that my parents would take me to such an epic event—feeling like I had actually gotten away with something by merely watching the clowns playing out many antics. The animal acts held a special place in my love of the circus, Pachyderm is a word I would learn and refer to often. The balloon man, always considered a questionable character, had a huge influence. On record is the fact that "balloon" was the first word I ever spoke.

I've tried to recapture some of those amazing, once in a lifetime feelings with these paintings. Pandemonium can actually be a great thing—and a lifelong pursuit.

—Michael Brennan, July, 2021

Michael Brennan’s paintings have been exhibited across the United States.